Descriptor: Flour End Use Quality, Description (FLOUR_USE_DESCRIPTION)

Definition: Based on grain hardness, grain color, dough mixing properties, and gluten strength and extensibility requirements achieved by CIMMYT germplasm under Mexican (Cd Obregon Sonora, Northwest Mexico) growing conditions with experimental yield level between 7-9 ton/ha. Quality types marked as “Household (or utility) wheat” have tenacious gluten character, which is generally undesirable for most of the end-use types requiring a minimum of processing and end product quality attributes. This wheat is used mainly for home consumption, as whole meal flour or refined flour, used to prepare dense-leavened and flat breads or traditional dishes. Main quality attributes: taste, aroma.
Category: Chemical composition descriptors
Data Type: Alpha/numeric descriptor
Maximum Length:
Responsible site: International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT,INT.)

Distinct Values for Flour End Use Quality, Description (FLOUR_USE_DESCRIPTION)

ValueNumber of Accessions
Biscuits, Cakes and Steamed Breads10
Dense and Flat Breads, and Tortillas2
Dense and Household Breads and Tortillas1
Dense and Pan Breads, and Tortillas1
Dense Breads and Tortillas600
Dense, Flat and Leavened Breads5
Dense, Flat and Leavened Breads and Dry Noodles13
Dense, Flat and Leavened Breads, Dry Noodles and Tortillas158
Dense, Flat and Steamed Breads and Tortillas21
Flat and Household Breads and Noodles1
Flat and Leavened Breads and Dry Noodles1117
Flat and Steamed Breads599
Flat, Household and Leavened Breads and Dry Noodles3
Flat, Household and Steamed Breads26
Flat, Leavened and Pan Breads and Dry Noodles148
Flat, Pan and Steamed Breads4
General Purpose1
Household and Pan Breads16
Household Breads1015
Household Breads / Pan Breads1
Leavened and Household Breads7
Leavened and Pan Breads3
Pan and Household Breads29
Pan and Steamed Breads1
Pan Breads1603
Steamed Breads and Noodles37