WHEAT accessions
Values: 52.4960.09

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0144542BW 48131 CGSS03B00090T-099Y-099M-099Y-099M-6WGY-0B-6BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.36
1145634BW 48134 CGSS05Y00463S-0B-099Y-099M-099NJ-099NJ-3WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.65
2146035BW 48145 CGSS05B00121T-099TOPY-099M-099NJ-4WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.58
3147465BW 50031 CMSS07Y00124S-0B-099Y-099M-099Y-11M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.8371
4147497BW 50053 CMSS07Y00213S-0B-099Y-099M-099Y-20M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.57.0311
5147509BW 50061 CMSS07Y00299S-0B-099Y-099M-099Y-2M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.58.2628
6147520BW 50067 CMSS07Y00349S-0B-099Y-099M-099NJ-099NJ-8WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.969
7147539BW 50070 CMSS07Y00419S-0B-099Y-099M-099Y-2WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.57.3
8147539BW 50070 CMSS07Y00419S-0B-099Y-099M-099Y-2WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.57.3155
9147542BW 49932 CMSS07Y00441S-0B-099Y-099M-099NJ-099NJ-4WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.0583
10147571BW 50086 CMSS07Y00809T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-2M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.57.1236
11147582BW 49934 CMSS07Y00849T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-17M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.9149
12147585BW 50095 CMSS07Y00855T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-48M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.3882
13147585BW 50095 CMSS07Y00855T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-48M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.9934
14147597BW 49935 CMSS07Y00941T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-11M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.56.3103
15147605BW 50483 CMSS07Y00966T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-17M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.6776
16147607BW 50111 CMSS07Y00983T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-15M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.8969
17147611BW 50114 CMSS07Y00985T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-39M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.5156
18147612BW 49972 CMSS07Y01006T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099NJ-099NJ-7RGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.4936
19147619BW 50118 CMSS07Y01045T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-15M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.874
20147627BW 50123 CMSS07Y01097T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-26M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.4288
21147630BW 50125 CMSS07Y01101T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-10M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.58.8031
22147637BW 49940 CMSS07Y01201T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-15M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.2363
23147847BW 49942 CMSS07B00101S-099M-099NJ-099NJ-10WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.2206
24147860BW 50156 CMSS07B00191S-099M-099Y-099M-15WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.58.8085
25147884BW 49946 CMSS07B00230S-099M-099NJ-099NJ-12WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.57.9748
26147889BW 50178 CMSS07B00232S-099M-099Y-099M-8WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.57.1729
27147904BW 50192 CMSS07B00245S-099M-099Y-099M-19WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.56.3725
28147908BW 50195 CMSS07B00253S-099M-099Y-099M-14WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.0532
29147928BW 49949 CMSS07B00374S-099M-099NJ-099NJ-8WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.55.6945
30147945BW 49951 CMSS07B00524T-099TOPY-099M-099Y-099M-3WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.55.1905
31147948BW 50220 CMSS07B00525T-099TOPY-099M-099Y-099M-18WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.5598
32147971BW 49954 CMSS07B00580T-099TOPY-099M-099Y-099M-10WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.56.6847
33147973BW 50239 CMSS07B00580T-099TOPY-099M-099NJ-099NJ-34WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.8556
34147983BW 50245 CMSS07B00614T-099TOPY-099M-099Y-099M-7WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.0705
35147989BW 49956 CMSS07B00614T-099TOPY-099M-099Y-099M-49WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.5946
36148034BW 50269 CMSS07B00800T-099TOPY-099M-099Y-099M-3WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.58.5
37148034BW 50269 CMSS07B00800T-099TOPY-099M-099Y-099M-3WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.58.5082
38148097BW 50279 CMSS07Y01307T-099Y-7M-0Y-3B-0YTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.56.5128
39148190BW 50390 CMSA07M00678S-040ZTM-040Y-38ZTM-010Y-01B-0YTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.2392
40148211BW 50393 CMSA07M00065T-029(AWW5L7BO1HET&CRE1M19NEG)Y-040ZTM-040Y-36ZTM-010Y-02B-0YTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.57.0191
41149345BW 50004 CMSA08Y00012T-049(1A1RSR25HO)B-050ZTY-02(1A1R)ZTM-02Y-01B-0YTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.5886
42166649BW 50962 CMSA08Y00065T-099B-050Y-050ZTM-050Y-14BMX-010Y-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.58.2
43167059BW 51147 CMSS08B00523S-099M-099NJ-099NJ-31WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.58.13
44167062BW 51642 CMSS07Y01181T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099Y-33M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.58.4551
45167200BW 51184 CMSS08B00736T-099TOPY-099M-099NJ-099NJ-6WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.58.9
46167210BW 51384 CMSS08Y00850T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099NJ-4WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.58.8
47167410BW 51387 CMSS08Y00870T-099TOPM-099Y-099M-099NJ-15WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.56.9
48168900BW 52463 CMSS07B00207S-099M-099Y-099M-19WGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.1715
49168911BW 52474 CMSS07B00806T-099TOPY-099M-099Y-099M-7RGY-0BTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.58.6813
50171095BW 53052 CMSS07Y00296S-0B-099Y-099M-099Y-3M-0WGYTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.59.4139

CIMMYT Germplasm Policy (excerpts)

CIMMYT holds and manages its germplasm as an international public good and is committed to its widespread and facilitated diffusion and use to achieve the maximum possible access, scale, scope of impact, and sharing of benefits for the poor, especially maize and wheat farmers and consumers in developing countries. To safeguard its international public goods character, and by legal obligation with FAO and the Governing Body of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), CIMMYT germplasm for use in food and agriculture is transferred using the Standard Materials Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the ITPGRFA or equivalent Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) in the case of species that are not listed in the Annex 1 of the ITPGRFA.

Distributions to fulfill requests for repatriation of subsamples of germplasm collections to a country or community of origin, especially following natural or man-made catastrophes, are considered a high priority.

The CIMMYT germplasm research for development focus is on (i) conservation and the effective use of genetic diversity and (ii) the further development and deployment of CIMMYT germplasm for the benefit of improved and more sustainable food and nutrition security, poverty reduction, and environmental sustainability.

CIMMYT strives to make CIMMYT held germplasm, as well as the data and other outputs resulting from its germplasm research and development activities, openly available and accessible for research, breeding and training for food and agriculture, in accordance with the ITPGRFA, the CGIAR Intellectual Assets Principles, the CGIAR Open Access and Data Management Policy and CIMMYT's Intellectual Assets Policy. Germplasm availability is made public through the web, field days etc. and access is free of charge or at minimal cost. CIMMYT may apply additional conditions to the transfer of germplasm under development from its breeding and research programs in support of accelerated use, data sharing, and impact assessment.

CIMMYT acquires and distributes all seed samples in accordance with relevant international and national regulations, such as phytosanitary/quarantine laws, ITPGRFA or CBD, and national laws for genetic resources access, transgenic status, and other considerations. Germplasm imported, exported, or acquired from quarantined regions within the same country must pass through the applicable quarantine processes implemented by an accredited CIMMYT Seed Health Unit or the importing or exporting countries' dedicated authorities, as well as meeting all necessary regulatory requirements, before acceptance and use by CIMMYT for conservation, breeding, research, and/or dissemination to third parties.

CIMMYT makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the quality, viability or purity (genetic or mechanical), safety of and/or use of CIMMYT-held germplasm including any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, including without limitation, production, breeding, crossing, testing, commercialization, or non-infringement of third-party intellectual property.