TRITICALE accessions

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0192CWI 16841 X7224-10M-1Y-100M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
11798T 73 X7267-21M-5M-0Y-1M×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
21800T 75 X7267-21M-1Y-100M-0Y-1M×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
31931CWI 16851 X34530-422H-2Y-0M-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
43323CWI 16843 X12677-71Y-1Y-3M-1Y-0M-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
53655CWI 16846 X27554-A-1M-6Y-3M-1Y-0M-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
63690CWI 16874 X39253-30Y-1M-3Y-501Y-502M-500Y-501B-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
73730CWI 16840 X2148-5N-2M-3Y-2M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
84082CWI 16842 X15754-A-1Y-2M-1Y-2M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
94449CWI 16844 X19649-A-7Y-1Y-1M-1Y-101B-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
104476CWI 16847 X39860-7Y-1M-2Y-2Y-0M-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
114477CWI 16848 X39860-7Y-1M-2Y-2Y-0H-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
124478CWI 16849 X39860-7Y-2M-3Y-2Y-1M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
134479CWI 16850 X39860-7Y-2M-2Y-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
144500CWI 16845 X27947-22M-1Y-0M-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
155155CWI 16837 B2672-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
165617T 322 X2802-26N-1M-12N-3M-2Y-3M-1Y-3M-2Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
1725831CWI 16830 X16134-35Y-1Y-1M-1Y-2B-1Y-1M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
1826182T 3815 X60529-7PY-1MP-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
1926262CWI 40085 B3023-0Y×Triticosecale spp. United StatesVERY EARLY
2026428T 778 ARMADILLO×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
2126468CWI 68885 'TRUJILLO'×Triticosecale spp. SpainVERY EARLY
2226567CWI 16872 X39599-7Y-1M-1Y-2Y-0H×Triticosecale spp. MexicoNot AvailableVERY EARLY
2326634CWI 16853 X34824-501M-500Y-504B-500Y-501Y-0M-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
2426635CWI 16854 X34824-501M-500Y-501B-503Y-507Y-0M-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
2534018T 3013 '8X HSIAO HEI MAI-1M-0M-1M-0M'×Triticosecale spp. ChinaVERY EARLY
2635239CWI 3659 B2736-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
2745164CWI 16862 X16304-500B-501Y-506B-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
2845442CWI 3670 B823-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
2945455CWI 16829 B2686-1614-0M-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
3045473CWI 16870 X31731-12M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
3151393CWI 16873 X52202-3Y-3M-1Y-5M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
3252585CWI 3665 B3393-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
3352591CWI 3671 B3241-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
3452600CWI 3678 B3434-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
3552617CWI 3692 B2980-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
3653255CWI 3673 B2452-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
3753430CWI 16868 X48524-3Y-2Y-1M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
3853512CWI 16897 'CID165463-0Y'×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
3953724CWI 16857 X58443-10Y-2M-1Y-8M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
4053725CWI 16858 X58443-12Y-2M-2Y-5M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
4153743CWI 16877 X54268-5Y-2M-1Y-2M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
4254430T 2920 '78PN.6084.C.2M.1M.EB-2625-0M'×Triticosecale spp. CanadaVERY EARLY
4354710CWI 16894 'M00921-0Y'×Triticosecale spp. United StatesVERY EARLY
4454746T 2421 X34819-11M-1Y-1M-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
4554755CWI 16833 B2829-459-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
4654762CWI 16869 X50996-B-2Y-2Y-2M-1Y-1M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
4754789CWI 16878 X29635-I-1M-2Y-1M-1Y-1M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
4854844CWI 16867 X24312-1M-1Y-1M-1Y-1M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
4954877CWI 16855 X36378-6M-1Y-2M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
5055013T 2304 X25448-2B-3Y-2B-1Y-2B-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
5155169CWI 16879 X22436-101Y-100Y-0M-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
5255402T 25 X7249-10M-0N-1M-0Y-1B×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
5355640CWI 41111 'FS1781-43M-0N-2M-0N'×Triticosecale spp. United StatesVERY EARLY
5455711T 1029 H277.69-1Y-2B-5Y-101B-7Y-11B-0Y×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.VERY EARLY
5555825T 3565 'FS3291-2N-0M'×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
5655973T 3569 X5568-1Y-0M×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
5756845T 3000 'AD.210.37-0M'×Triticosecale spp. BulgariaVERY EARLY
5856846T 3001 'AD.292.205-0M'×Triticosecale spp. BulgariaVERY EARLY
5956950CWI 16866 X52063-4Y-2M-1Y-2M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
6056957CWI 16861 X53760-D-1Y-1M-1Y-3M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
6157662T 80 'BYR 1-5M'×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.VERY EARLY
6286070CWI 16895 'TL1414-0Y'×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
6386072CWI 16852 X31975-A-1Y-500M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
6486075CWI 16856 X27673-2KEN-1Y-4B-4Y-0B-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
6586076CWI 16871 X50949-H-3Y-1Y-1M-1Y-1M-0Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
6686089CWI 16898 'CID218300-0Y'×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
67102189CWI 3664 B3316-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
68102191CWI 3672 B2291-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
69102194CWI 3694 B4764-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
70102196CWI 3696 B4829-0Y×Triticosecale spp.VERY EARLY
71103488CWI 1032 X8202-G-1Y-2M-3Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoVERY EARLY
72106403T 1068 F4G73-833×Triticosecale spp. United StatesVERY EARLY

CIMMYT Germplasm Policy (excerpts)

CIMMYT holds and manages its germplasm as an international public good and is committed to its widespread and facilitated diffusion and use to achieve the maximum possible access, scale, scope of impact, and sharing of benefits for the poor, especially maize and wheat farmers and consumers in developing countries. To safeguard its international public goods character, and by legal obligation with FAO and the Governing Body of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), CIMMYT germplasm for use in food and agriculture is transferred using the Standard Materials Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the ITPGRFA or equivalent Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) in the case of species that are not listed in the Annex 1 of the ITPGRFA.

Distributions to fulfill requests for repatriation of subsamples of germplasm collections to a country or community of origin, especially following natural or man-made catastrophes, are considered a high priority.

The CIMMYT germplasm research for development focus is on (i) conservation and the effective use of genetic diversity and (ii) the further development and deployment of CIMMYT germplasm for the benefit of improved and more sustainable food and nutrition security, poverty reduction, and environmental sustainability.

CIMMYT strives to make CIMMYT held germplasm, as well as the data and other outputs resulting from its germplasm research and development activities, openly available and accessible for research, breeding and training for food and agriculture, in accordance with the ITPGRFA, the CGIAR Intellectual Assets Principles, the CGIAR Open Access and Data Management Policy and CIMMYT's Intellectual Assets Policy. Germplasm availability is made public through the web, field days etc. and access is free of charge or at minimal cost. CIMMYT may apply additional conditions to the transfer of germplasm under development from its breeding and research programs in support of accelerated use, data sharing, and impact assessment.

CIMMYT acquires and distributes all seed samples in accordance with relevant international and national regulations, such as phytosanitary/quarantine laws, ITPGRFA or CBD, and national laws for genetic resources access, transgenic status, and other considerations. Germplasm imported, exported, or acquired from quarantined regions within the same country must pass through the applicable quarantine processes implemented by an accredited CIMMYT Seed Health Unit or the importing or exporting countries' dedicated authorities, as well as meeting all necessary regulatory requirements, before acceptance and use by CIMMYT for conservation, breeding, research, and/or dissemination to third parties.

CIMMYT makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the quality, viability or purity (genetic or mechanical), safety of and/or use of CIMMYT-held germplasm including any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, including without limitation, production, breeding, crossing, testing, commercialization, or non-infringement of third-party intellectual property.