TRITICALE accessions
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04171T 8631 'SNOOPY RESEL (T8631)'×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.2
14173T 8632 'SNOOPY-RESEL-110Y-(F17)-7B-1Y-1B-1Y-0B-0Y'×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.2
219949T 7404 CMH81A.1262-4B-2Y-1B-1Y-1B-1Y-2B-3Y-0B-2B×Triticosecale spp. Mexico2
319950G 2625 CMH81A.1262-1B-4Y-1B-2Y-2B-0Y×Triticosecale spp. Mexico2
425902T 6438 'GRADO-0MI-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
525911T 8174 'GRADO-0MI-0MI-1YI-3MI'×Triticosecale spp.2
625912T 9571 'GRADO-0MI-0MI-1YI-3MI-0WM'×Triticosecale spp.2
725914T 9573 'GRADO-0MI-0MI-1YI-4MI-0WM'×Triticosecale spp.2
827733T 8162 'LASKO-0MI-0MI-2MI'×Triticosecale spp.2
927743T 9584 'LASKO-0MI-1YI-3MI-0WM'×Triticosecale spp.2
1028790T 6816 DAGRO×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
1130518T 9561 'CT776.81-0MI-0MI-1YI-1MI-0WM'×Triticosecale spp.2
1230523T 9563 'CT776.81-0MI-0MI-2YI-2MI-0WM'×Triticosecale spp.2
1330544T 8243 'LAD 622.81-0MI-0MI-2YI-1MI'×Triticosecale spp.2
1430566T 8396 B86.5041-0MI-3MI×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.2
1530584T 9599 'LT1616.82-0MI-0MI-1YI-4MI-0WM'×Triticosecale spp.2
1630608T 8246 'LT472.82-0MI-0MI-1YI-2MI'×Triticosecale spp.2
1730609T 8248 'LT472.82-0MI-0MI-2YI-2MI'×Triticosecale spp.2
1830627T 8200 'PRESTO-0MI-0MI-1MI'×Triticosecale spp.2
1930648T 8213 'PRESTO-0MI-0MI-2MI'×Triticosecale spp.2
2030657T 6823 RAH177×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
2130681T 6625 'EMS M83.6039-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
2230694T 6626 'EMS M83.6126-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
2330753T 7964 'CID97463-0MI-0MI-1YI'×Triticosecale spp. Switzerland2
2431379CWI 42224 BOLERO×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
2531405T 6451 'CT332.81-0MI-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
2631406T 7919 'CT332.81-0MI-0MI-1YI'×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
2731410T 8220 'CT332.81-0MI-0MI-1YI-4MI'×Triticosecale spp.2
2831426T 8230 'CT822.81-0MI-0MI-1YI-1MI'×Triticosecale spp.2
2931438T 8283 '5577.23-0MI-0MI-1YI-1MI'×Triticosecale spp.2
3031449T 9586 'LT1056.82-0MI-0MI-5Y-0WM'×Triticosecale spp.2
3131551T 4467 'GUELPH118-2M-0M'×Triticosecale spp. Canada2
3231572T 6824 MAH 183×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
3331627T 8443 BK84.266-1MI-0MI-2YI-1MI×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.2
3431647T 6827 MAH 885×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
3532397T 15821 SWTB89.252-23Y-1PAP-0ELV-2FM-3FM-1FM-0FM×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.Not Available2
3632746T 3879 '15H.AD617.248-2N-42-0M'×Triticosecale spp. Russian Federation2
3733293T 6544 B84.411-7MI-0MI×Triticosecale spp. United States2
3834399T 2994 'CID113596-0M'×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
3934930T 8186 'LARGO:TCL-0MI-3MI'×Triticosecale spp.2
4036435T 16229 CTWW93WM00052S-1WM-1WM-030WM-0WM×Triticosecale spp. MexicoNot Available2
4139103T 10652 CTPO94.11.5×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.2
4239110T 10659 CTPO94.13.2×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.2
4339112T 10661 CTPO94.13.4×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.2
4439113T 10662 CTPO94.13.5×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.2
4539114T 10663 CTPO94.14.1×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.2
4639117T 10666 CTPO94.14.4×Triticosecale spp. CIMMYT,INT.Not Available2
4740648T 6517 'GWT 1-0M-0MI-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. Canada2
4851846T 6825 MAH 685×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
4951848T 6828 MAH 986×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
5051850T 6829 MAH 1086×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
5151855T 4473 'LT696.75-0M-2M-0M'×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
5251859T 4472 'LT696.75-0M-3M-0M'×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
5351871T 7943 'LT1295.82-1Y-0MI-0MI-1YI'×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
5451887T 8010 'EMS M83.6039 M86.7610-0MI-1YI'×Triticosecale spp.Oregon, United States2
5551897T 8013 'EMS M83.6039 M86.7611-0MI-2YI'×Triticosecale spp.Oregon, United States2
5651905T 6602 'EMS M83.6039 B86.2570-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
5751910T 8449 'EMS M83.6039 B86.2570-0MI-6YI-1MI'×Triticosecale spp.Oregon, United States2
5851914T 6613 'EMS M83.6126 B86.3335-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
5951926T 6616 'EMS M83.6126 B86.3392-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
6051937T 8434 'EMS M83.6126 B86.3427-1YI-2MI'×Triticosecale spp.Oregon, United States2
6151978T 6806 M87.385-21×Triticosecale spp.Oregon, United States2
6251983T 6811 M87.391-5×Triticosecale spp.Oregon, United States2
6352028T 7996 M85.6010-I-7MI-0MI-1YI×Triticosecale spp.2
6452040T 6551 M85.6010-1-7MI-0MI×Triticosecale spp. United States2
6553296T 6589 'EMS M83.6039 M86.7583-10-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
6653297T 6590 'EMS M83.6039 M86.7583-16-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
6753301T 6596 'EMS M83.6126 M86.7688-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
6853310T 6603 'EMS M83.6039 B86.2795-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
6953311T 6604 'EMS M83.6039 B86.2824-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
7053312T 6605 'EMS M83.6039 B86.2929-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
7153313T 6606 'EMS M83.6039 B86.3055-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
7253314T 6607 'EMS M83.6039 B86.3214-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
7353323T 6617 'EMS M83.6126 B86.3398-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
7453326T 6621 'EMS M83.6126 B86.3516-0MI'×Triticosecale spp. United States2
7554433T 4456 '4904.1M.3M.E4.EB-1736-0M-1M-0M'×Triticosecale spp.2
7654447T 4457 '70095.1-1M-0M-2M-0M'×Triticosecale spp.2
7754463T 2983 'CZR243-0M'×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
7854464T 4929 'CZR243-0M-1M-0M'×Triticosecale spp. PolandNot Available2
7954472T 4481 NAD.432-2M-0M×Triticosecale spp. Russian FederationNot Available2
8054473T 4482 AD.2384-2M-0M×Triticosecale spp. Russian Federation2
8154474T 4483 HAD.430-1M-0M×Triticosecale spp. Russian Federation2
8254475T 4484 HAD.430-2M-0M×Triticosecale spp. Russian Federation2
8354491T 4455 'CID166317-5049-0M-3M-0M'×Triticosecale spp.2
8455782T 3865 COO5×Triticosecale spp.2
8556803T 2916 CIM13.E1.E2.E4×Triticosecale spp. Canada2
8656804T 2917 78PN.6089×Triticosecale spp. Canada2
8756810T 2933 '1384.E1.E2.E6.E5.E8-1004-0M'×Triticosecale spp. Canada2
8856813T 2938 'CIM13.E1.E5.E1.E5.E9.EB-1238-0M'×Triticosecale spp. Canada2
8956814T 2939 '77UG.4.A6.E6.EB-1338-0M'×Triticosecale spp. Canada2
9056827T 2956 '70019.1-1M-0M'×Triticosecale spp. Sweden2
9156834T 2982 'CZR606-0M'×Triticosecale spp. Poland2
9256872T 3870 GID 184915×Triticosecale spp. Canada2
9386169G 3281 CMH83.3128-3B-2Y-2B-0Y×Triticosecale spp. Mexico2
94103511CWI 1075 X27188-0YA-0BV×Triticosecale spp. Mexico2
95104937CWI 40479 GID 295563×Triticosecale spp. United States2
96129172G 2587 CMH80A.1115-5B-4Y-1B-6Y-1B-1Y-0Y×Triticosecale spp. Mexico2
97130367G 2616 CMH79.1360-3Y-1B-4Y-4B-1Y-3B-2Y-2B-1Y-1B-3Y-0B×Triticosecale spp. Mexico2
98130368G 2624 CMH81A.1258-2B-2Y-2B-3Y-2B-0Y×Triticosecale spp. Mexico2
99130627G 3231 CMH81A.1120-1B-1Y-1B-3Y-1B-2Y-3B-0Y×Triticosecale spp. Mexico2
100132270G 9838 CMH90.544-1B-3Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoNot Available2
101132286G 9855 CMH90.547-1B-1Y×Triticosecale spp. MexicoNot Available2

CIMMYT Germplasm Policy (excerpts)

CIMMYT holds and manages its germplasm as an international public good and is committed to its widespread and facilitated diffusion and use to achieve the maximum possible access, scale, scope of impact, and sharing of benefits for the poor, especially maize and wheat farmers and consumers in developing countries. To safeguard its international public goods character, and by legal obligation with FAO and the Governing Body of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), CIMMYT germplasm for use in food and agriculture is transferred using the Standard Materials Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the ITPGRFA or equivalent Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) in the case of species that are not listed in the Annex 1 of the ITPGRFA.

Distributions to fulfill requests for repatriation of subsamples of germplasm collections to a country or community of origin, especially following natural or man-made catastrophes, are considered a high priority.

The CIMMYT germplasm research for development focus is on (i) conservation and the effective use of genetic diversity and (ii) the further development and deployment of CIMMYT germplasm for the benefit of improved and more sustainable food and nutrition security, poverty reduction, and environmental sustainability.

CIMMYT strives to make CIMMYT held germplasm, as well as the data and other outputs resulting from its germplasm research and development activities, openly available and accessible for research, breeding and training for food and agriculture, in accordance with the ITPGRFA, the CGIAR Intellectual Assets Principles, the CGIAR Open Access and Data Management Policy and CIMMYT's Intellectual Assets Policy. Germplasm availability is made public through the web, field days etc. and access is free of charge or at minimal cost. CIMMYT may apply additional conditions to the transfer of germplasm under development from its breeding and research programs in support of accelerated use, data sharing, and impact assessment.

CIMMYT acquires and distributes all seed samples in accordance with relevant international and national regulations, such as phytosanitary/quarantine laws, ITPGRFA or CBD, and national laws for genetic resources access, transgenic status, and other considerations. Germplasm imported, exported, or acquired from quarantined regions within the same country must pass through the applicable quarantine processes implemented by an accredited CIMMYT Seed Health Unit or the importing or exporting countries' dedicated authorities, as well as meeting all necessary regulatory requirements, before acceptance and use by CIMMYT for conservation, breeding, research, and/or dissemination to third parties.

CIMMYT makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the quality, viability or purity (genetic or mechanical), safety of and/or use of CIMMYT-held germplasm including any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, including without limitation, production, breeding, crossing, testing, commercialization, or non-infringement of third-party intellectual property.