Accessions evaluated for: STAGONONOD_LEAF in study CAIGE DAFWA 2010

Selected item(s) below:

0133929CWI 93894 CASW98B00027S×Aegilotriticum spp. CIMMYT,INT.Not AvailableIntermediate
1133939BW 38430 CASW98B00038S×Aegilotriticum spp. CIMMYT,INT.Not AvailableIntermediate
2133960CWI 93896 CASW98B00062STriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum CIMMYT,INT.Not AvailableIntermediate
3136404BW 38524 CASW99GH00021S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
4136409BW 38528 CASW99GH00042S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
5137342BW 38531 CASW00GH00001S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
6137378BW 38564 CASW00GH00043S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
7137390BW 38575 CASW00GH00060S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
8137396BW 38581 CASW00GH00067S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
9137397BW 38582 CASW00GH00068S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
10143982BW 38590 CASW02GH00010S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
11144006BW 38611 CASW02GH00045S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
12144350BW 38649 CASS03GH00002S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
13144403BW 38699 CASS03GH00077S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
14144409BW 38704 CASS03GH00083S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
15144432BW 38725 CASS03GH00123S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableIntermediate
1650062BW 27738 CIGM88.1193-0B×Aegilotriticum spp. CIMMYT,INT.Moderately Resistant
17133957BW 38447 CASW98B00059S×Aegilotriticum spp. CIMMYT,INT.Not AvailableModerately Resistant
18136399BW 38521 CASW99GH00003S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
19137382BW 38567 CASW00GH00050S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
20137388BW 38573 CASW00GH00058S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
21137392BW 38577 CASW00GH00062S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
22137393BW 38578 CASW00GH00063S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
23143977BW 38585 CASW02GH00005S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
24143981BW 38589 CASW02GH00009S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
25143990BW 38596 CASW02GH00019S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
26144012CWI 93908 CASW02GH00057STriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
27144023BW 38623 CASW02GH00079S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
28144026BW 38625 CASW02GH00082S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
29144373BW 38670 CASS03GH00041S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
30144386BW 38683 CASS03GH00056S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
31144388BW 38684 CASS03GH00058S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
32144431BW 38724 CASS03GH00122S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
33144444BW 38636 CASS02B00001S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
34144448BW 38640 CASS02B00006S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Resistant
3550106BW 27799 CIGM88.1270-0B×Aegilotriticum spp. CIMMYT,INT.Not AvailableModerately Susceptible
36133937BW 38428 CASW98B00036S×Aegilotriticum spp. CIMMYT,INT.Not AvailableModerately Susceptible
37137348BW 38537 CASW00GH00007S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Susceptible
38137373BW 38559 CASW00GH00038S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Susceptible
39137379BW 38565 CASW00GH00044S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Susceptible
40137380BW 38566 CASW00GH00045S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Susceptible
41144453BW 38644 CASS02B00011S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableModerately Susceptible
4210900BW 20186 CM79515-044Y-1M-02Y-07M-3Y-3B-0Y-0PZ-2PZ-0Y-5PZ-010Y-0MTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum MexicoResistant - Moderately Resistant
4350135BW 27830 CIGM88.1344-0B×Aegilotriticum spp. CIMMYT,INT.Resistant - Moderately Resistant
44123707BW 38388 CASW96Y00563S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableResistant - Moderately Resistant
45133916BW 38408 CASW98B00012S×Aegilotriticum spp. CIMMYT,INT.Not AvailableResistant - Moderately Resistant
46133934BW 38425 CASW98B00032S×Aegilotriticum spp. CIMMYT,INT.Not AvailableResistant - Moderately Resistant
47136411BW 38530 CASW99GH00045S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableResistant - Moderately Resistant
48137389BW 38574 CASW00GH00059S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableResistant - Moderately Resistant
49143993CWI 93907 CASW02GH00022STriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum MexicoNot AvailableResistant - Moderately Resistant
50143996BW 38601 CASW02GH00026S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableResistant - Moderately Resistant
51144001BW 38606 CASW02GH00039S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableResistant - Moderately Resistant
52144349BW 38648 CASS03GH00001S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableResistant - Moderately Resistant
5350095BW 27786 CIGM89.393-0Y×Aegilotriticum spp. CIMMYT,INT.Susceptible
54137391BW 38576 CASW00GH00061S×Aegilotriticum spp. MexicoNot AvailableSusceptible
556736BW 15145 MILLEWATriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum AustraliaVery Susceptible

CIMMYT Germplasm Policy (excerpts)

CIMMYT holds and manages its germplasm as an international public good and is committed to its widespread and facilitated diffusion and use to achieve the maximum possible access, scale, scope of impact, and sharing of benefits for the poor, especially maize and wheat farmers and consumers in developing countries. To safeguard its international public goods character, and by legal obligation with FAO and the Governing Body of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), CIMMYT germplasm for use in food and agriculture is transferred using the Standard Materials Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the ITPGRFA or equivalent Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) in the case of species that are not listed in the Annex 1 of the ITPGRFA.

Distributions to fulfill requests for repatriation of subsamples of germplasm collections to a country or community of origin, especially following natural or man-made catastrophes, are considered a high priority.

The CIMMYT germplasm research for development focus is on (i) conservation and the effective use of genetic diversity and (ii) the further development and deployment of CIMMYT germplasm for the benefit of improved and more sustainable food and nutrition security, poverty reduction, and environmental sustainability.

CIMMYT strives to make CIMMYT held germplasm, as well as the data and other outputs resulting from its germplasm research and development activities, openly available and accessible for research, breeding and training for food and agriculture, in accordance with the ITPGRFA, the CGIAR Intellectual Assets Principles, the CGIAR Open Access and Data Management Policy and CIMMYT's Intellectual Assets Policy. Germplasm availability is made public through the web, field days etc. and access is free of charge or at minimal cost. CIMMYT may apply additional conditions to the transfer of germplasm under development from its breeding and research programs in support of accelerated use, data sharing, and impact assessment.

CIMMYT acquires and distributes all seed samples in accordance with relevant international and national regulations, such as phytosanitary/quarantine laws, ITPGRFA or CBD, and national laws for genetic resources access, transgenic status, and other considerations. Germplasm imported, exported, or acquired from quarantined regions within the same country must pass through the applicable quarantine processes implemented by an accredited CIMMYT Seed Health Unit or the importing or exporting countries' dedicated authorities, as well as meeting all necessary regulatory requirements, before acceptance and use by CIMMYT for conservation, breeding, research, and/or dissemination to third parties.

CIMMYT makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the quality, viability or purity (genetic or mechanical), safety of and/or use of CIMMYT-held germplasm including any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, including without limitation, production, breeding, crossing, testing, commercialization, or non-infringement of third-party intellectual property.